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Pesa Mkononi

Access finance anywhere at anytime with Utunzi mobile app...

Low Interest Loan

Utunzi offers low interest loans to members..

Instant finance access

Utunzi app provide platform for instant loan access ..

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5-Minute Application
Complete our easy mobile application. It takes 5 minutes and there is no paperwork and no faxing required.

Fast & Easy Approval
You will get a quick loan approval decision. Utunzi app is our direct lender so there is no long wait for an answer.

Deposit to Your MPESA
We deposit your money right into your MPESA account. Your installment loan payments come from the same account - automatic, no hassles.

Grow Your Score
Our personal loans reward you for good behavior instead of trapping you in an endless spiral of interest & penalties. Together, we grow your Loan score to unlock better rates.

Our mission
Our mission is to build the fastest & easiest way to get a loan.

We believe we can change the world by helping people with less than great credit get back on track.
Apply For Mobile Loans From Your Phone Easily!
Today, it’s possible to initiate mobile loans through our dedicated Utunzi mobile loan apps and get decision instant.This enable you to access finance at anytime, anywhere in kenya